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Short Desc Long Description: Displays on Job Posting- Required (*) Data Scientist, Model Validation Position Description Overview. First Data use a wide variety of models to support operations in areas such as risk management and fraud prevention. These models must be validated to ensure they effectively address the business needs and that assumptions are thoroughly understood. The Data Scientist, Model Validation will have expertise in a wide range of modelling approaches including statistical and machine learning models to effectively challenge the model development process. In particular, the Data Scientist, Model Validation will evaluate models for: the suitability of the chosen methodology, that models are conceptually sound including developmental evidence, that proper testing has been performed, that models can be effectively monitored in production, that the model has been properly implemented and that back testing is performed. Job Responsibilities. Conduct research and fact gathering for model types and modelling methodologies. Identify model risks and the potential for adverse consequences from decisions based on incorrect or misused model outputs and reports. Communicate with model developers and relevant stakeholders to gain adequate understanding of all aspects of the modeling process. Assess the quality and relevance of the data used to create models. Test the conceptual soundness of models. Assess the statistical/mathematical calculations used within models to process the input data into quantitative estimates. Carry out model back testing. Document model validation findings and present findings and recommendations to stakeholders. Keep self -informed of the latest Regulatory requirements and ensure that validated models comply with regulatory requirements. Build positive working relationships with internal and external clients by keeping Compliance Manager informed of screening progress, responding timely to client inquiries, understanding the business, and maintaining professionalism. Required (*) 1. Honors degree in a quantitative discipline such as statistics, computer science, mathematics, economics, or physics. 2. 3+ years of experience with predictive analytics using large and complex datasets. 3. Experience in modeling techniques such as linear regression, logistic regression and decision tree-based models. 4. Experience with data science tools such as R, Python, SQL and Hadoop. 5. Excellent analytical, project management, interpersonal and communication skills (written and oral. 6. Ability to prioritize workflow in order to meet deadlines. 7. Flexibility to change daily routine quickly, as business needs may change. 8. Ability to work under pressure with a high degree of efficiency. 9 Ability to manage and prioritize workload. This job originally appeared on

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